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Illuminating College

Lighting design training: conduct lighting home lighting design training for dealers every month, and regularly hold three-level certificate examination for lighting designers.
Terminal store image training: after the terminal store is put into use, the terminal store image trainer will provide terminal store image training to the store manager and clerk.

Light Design

Light is closely related to our life. Light is full of poetry and art and gives space atmosphere and level. We regard light as a way to create a harmonious space and bring comfortable feeling to space users.
RAYNICE understands light as the fourth dimension of space. Through the interior lighting design, the lighting can re decorate the space objects through the changes of different levels of illumination, color temperature and the distribution of light sources.

Light Elf

1. Function: A. According to the use of space area and a predetermined lamp, the illuminance is estimated, the illuminance is verified to be reasonable, and the cost budget is made.
B. According to the standard of using space area and illuminance, the quantity and cost budget of lamps are estimated.
C. According to the plane light spot and illuminance of different distance of intelligent lamps, select the plane key household lighting products.

Scope of service

Renisi has a global high-end commercial lighting market, with an international sales network covering 47 countries, more than 100 stores in China, and cooperation with more than 20 high-end commercial lighting intelligent lighting customers in the world.

3R Service

Responsibility: for your sake, responsible for the product
Rapid: meet your needs in the first time
Relax: make your whole journey worry free and more secure



RAYNICE provides lighting fixtures for different intelligent control technologies, such as Dali control, single lamp single control, dimming and color mixing temperature. This makes lighting simpler and easier to use. Typical application scenarios include using your phone directly to dim or turn off unused room lights. In the same way, you can use smart voice or mobile phone to control all kinds of scenarios. Through the change of light, users can feel the embodiment of different atmosphere brought by light in the same space.

Designer pieces

Complete the project in 2019:

Brand hotel: Musi healthy sleep hotel; Museum: Chuxiong solar calendar culture exhibition hall in Yunnan; chain operation: Xiamen ancient residence; commercial city: Yintai City, Haining City, Zhejiang Province; villas and Mansions: Gaofeng home, Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, Fuzhou Financial Street residence, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, Yasheng Xinyun; participation in TV programs: one seat of Oriental satellite TV, warm new home of Beijing Satellite TV ...


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