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Jiangmen Raynice Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd

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Add: No.11, Minghui Road, Jianghai high tech Industrial Park, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province

Company profile


Founded in 2005, the company is located in Jiangmen high tech Zone, the capital of lamps and lanterns in China, with a total area of 20000 square meters of modern industrial park, more than 200 employees and more than 40 professional talents such as optical and electrical engineers.

The company has won many honors such as "national high-tech enterprise", "lighting export demonstration enterprise", "top 50 lighting industry quality enterprise" and "the most potential lighting enterprise". Its brand "RAYNICE" has won many honors, such as "top ten brands of commercial lighting", "China Lighting Fengyun brand", "the most popular lighting brand for consumers", etc.

Since its establishment for more than 10 years, the company has been focusing on high-end home lighting space. Its products adhere to the "international line, European style". The product line covers more than 800 products in ten categories, including home lighting and outdoor lighting. The products have obtained 21 utility model patents and more than 100 appearance patents in China.


Brand positioning - high end home business lighting

Product design concept: make light intelligently

Market positioning - lighting solutions for villas, luxury homes and hotels

Brand slogan: good lighting, outstanding artistic conception


Product Design

International product design has always been the core of RAYNICE R & D. Strong concept and creativity constitute the backbone of the design team, focusing on unique product design, and following the principle of simple and practical modeling. In the product design process, we also pay attention to the effective heat dissipation and glare control of the product. RAYNICE series illuminators are available in a variety of sizes and installation options, providing suitable solutions for different spaces.

Luminaire Material

6061 alloy aluminum tube and bar are used in the surface ring, radiator and inner ring of LED lamps. 6061 alloy is widely used in aerospace industry, with high toughness, no deformation after processing and good corrosion resistance.

Optical Design

The lens / reflective cup developed by customization is used for the optical accessories, with the shape accuracy RT < 0.005 and the surface roughness Ra < 0.0002. It has high mechanical strength, excellent surface glossiness, good light transmittance, the light transmittance reaches 92%, and the light distribution is uniform.

Product Technology

Raynice products all independent research and development, mold, production. Each product has gone through 14 production processes, the product tolerance is less than 0.02 mm, and the surface roughness is less than 0.1 μ M.

Raynice adopts the electrostatic spray gun imported from Taiwan. The spraying process of the product has gone through 14 processes to ensure that every surface, joint and screw hole is evenly painted with a thickness of 10 wires. The whole surface treatment process has reached the quality standard of no discoloration for 5 years and no paint dropping for 20 years.

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