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Corporate Culture
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Corporate Culture


Corporate vision

After more than ten years of development, Raynice products have been sold well in 59 countries in the world, covering all large and medium-sized cities such as Germany, the United States, Australia, etc. in the future, we will continue to work hard to make renis a world brand of high-end household commercial lighting.

enterprise style

We will work hard and win together. With quick and sensitive working efficiency and meticulous working attitude, renis pursues intensive production, careful management, and technical improvement. Raynice aims to achieve a win-win situation for its partners.

management idea

Raynice adheres to the business philosophy of honesty, people-oriented, leading the industry and serving the society. We have created the unique 3R service culture of Raynice, which has become the way to gain competitive advantage. As a provider of commercial lighting system, Raynice will become an important force to continuously lead the development of lighting industry.

personnel training

Raynice college has a complete set of personnel training standard process to provide continuous and most effective training for building a professional service team, so as to focus on people and do things first.

working attitude

Full of passion and all-out efforts are the working conditions we are looking forward to. Let our colleagues in each position know what to do and what not to do, and focus effective time on work. Only by doing so can we make the future of Renes better.

Team view

Through the cultivation of group consciousness, the concept of enterprise team guides the internal enterprises to have a common sense of mission, belonging and identity, so as to promote the formation of cohesion. Raynice is a team, only "we", but not "you" and "them". Renis team works together to create enterprise benefits and promote enterprise development.

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