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Light Design


Light is closely related to our life. Light is full of poetry and art and gives space atmosphere and level. We regard light as a way to create a harmonious space and bring comfortable feeling to space users.

RAYNICE understands light as the fourth dimension of space. Through the light design, the light can redecorate the space object through the change of different levels of illumination, color temperature and light source distribution, and change the overall feeling of the space at night.

RAYNICE series products are developed based on LED technology, providing perfect optical support for our lighting design. RAYNICE series of LED lamps have flexible installation mode and precise optical effect, which greatly meet different requirements in space lighting design.

RAYNICE works closely with designers and customers in every lighting design project. The inspiration of lighting designers comes from in-depth communication, which not only inspires creative thinking between them, but also provides personalized solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Lighting design project support:

RAYNICE supports customers through efficient lighting configuration and shows them the advantages and effects of lighting design.

RAYNICE lighting designers provide customers with comprehensive support in project analysis, lighting effect, product selection and overall cost calculation, and provide personalized lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. RAYNICE's stable product quality ensures accurate lighting and product durability, providing 5-year long warranty time and after-sales field debugging service.

Complete project lighting overall design scheme:

1. Design overview and purpose

2. Design concept

3. Home lighting

4. Standard illuminance parameters for each space

5. Customer lighting demand analysis

6. Color temperature analysis

7. Illuminance analysis

8. Lighting simulation diagram of each space

9. Pseudochromatic graph

10. Illuminance distribution map

11. Lamp selection drawing

12. Detailed parameter list of lamps


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