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Why does the bedroom have a wall lamp?


Bedroom, a need quiet and dark space, in order to ensure a better sleep. But sometimes it needs very bright light, so many people in the bedroom decoration, chandeliers and wall lamps are installed. But is it really necessary?

Bedroom is suitable for the installation of soft and warm lights, can play a relaxed mood. The light in the bedroom is more for decoration. Can borrow table lamp, spotlight, floor lamp, wall lamp to build a warm atmosphere. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the main lamp with wall lamp and floor lamp. In this way, it means that the main lamp can not be used, but the wall lamp has to be used. And in real life, it has proved that wall lamp is indispensable. If the master of the bedroom has the habit of getting up at night, then the wall lamp will bring convenience to the master; if the master has night blindness, then the wall lamp is more necessary to install, which will make the family more secure.

Is it necessary to install wall lamp in children's bedroom? Children's bedrooms are equipped with wall lamps to facilitate their getting up and avoid falling in the dark. But when sleeping, it is suggested not to turn on the light, which is easy to make children's eyes short-sighted. So it depends on your needs whether you want to install a wall lamp in your child's bedroom. From the perspective of fengshui, if the bedroom is equipped with wall lamps, a pair of them must be installed, which means that they are in pairs, representing the auspicious smooth water. And the shape of wall lamp, with cylindrical, elliptic is better.

Bedroom wall lamp is quite convenient indeed, but what should notice is the installation height of the wall lamp. If it is high, it will affect the brightness, and the light will also disperse, which is not conducive to the spotlight. If it is low, it will hit the head. If it is dangerous, an accident will occur. Therefore, when installing the wall lamp, the height of the bed should also be considered. The height of the wall lamp installed at the head of the bed is: 1.5m-1.7m from the ground is better, and 9.5cm-49cm from the wall.

Do you want a wall lamp in the bedroom? Must install, even if do not install the chandelier, also must install the wall lamp, this is not only for oneself line convenience, also gives the family the sense of security. But when choosing the wall lamp, we should also pay attention to the collocation with the overall style of the bedroom.

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