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Why is spotlight becoming the mainstream of home space?


In the modern home space, more and more people find that: a single light source has been unable to meet the needs of daily life. For home space, lighting is not only limited to the practical function of lighting, but also can create atmosphere for different scenes of home life.

At the same time, the use frequency of spotlight in the home space has been greatly increased, even completely replacing the ceiling lamp. So how to design the lighting of home? This issue invites designer Chen Shengliang to tell us something about lighting design!

Why is spotlight mainstream?

One of the important reasons for the gradual elimination of ceiling lamp is that it is usually installed on the top in the middle of the room. When people walk by or eat, it is easy to form shadows to block their vision. In terms of power saving, brightness, service life and convenience, spotlight has more advantages than ceiling lamp, and it can well cooperate with other forms of lights to avoid waste or mutual interference.

First of all, the placement of spotlights is very flexible, which can almost achieve the goal of "which lights which". At the same time, spotlights can also change their angles freely. They can also form the level change of light and shadow when they cooperate with each other, making the atmosphere of the space more rich, and placing and photographing items at home will be more beautiful. Secondly, the spotlight can also make the space light more soft and comfortable by the principle of diffuse reflection.

And spotlight as a kind of embedded lamps, when the light is emitted to the bottom, it can increase the sense of layer height visually. Here, it is worth mentioning that downlight is very similar to spotlight, although it is also an embedded lamp, but the focus of the two is different. The light of downlight can only be downward, and downlight will appear as auxiliary light source in most cases.



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