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Difference between downlight and spotlight


Choose a lamp is an indispensable link in home lighting decoration, some will plan their own lighting, some will be given to the designer. In today's home life, lighting is not only to take on the role of lighting, but also to create an atmosphere, finishing effect. Downlight and spotlight, stupid don't know? Today we are going to systematically understand the difference between these two kinds of lights and the way to choose them.

Downlight is a small lamp that lights vertically downward. The lamps with adjustable direction of spotlight focus on a small area and play an important role in lighting. In terms of type, downlight is fixed downward, and the direction of spotlight is adjustable.

When it comes to downlights and spotlights, in the lighting design of modern home furnishings, these are the first to create a home atmosphere, especially spotlights, which are often seen in museums, exhibition halls and other places. For the novice, they are easy to be confused with similar shapes. What's the difference between them?

If it is really difficult to distinguish the differences between the two in terms of appearance, we should start with their own characteristics.

Downlight in commercial lighting and home lighting, mainly provides uniform, comfortable and soft functional basic lighting. The spacing of lamps, the illumination and uniformity of the ground, and the matching degree between the lamps and the ceiling shall be taken into consideration when arranging the lamps. It is more suitable for local medium intensity lighting and auxiliary lighting, such as dining table and bar.

Spotlight is often used for key illumination, which is used to illuminate the objects to be highlighted. For example, commodities, decorative paintings, handicrafts, etc., can be made clean and clear spots, focusing on highlighting objects to enhance the effect. Generally, the volume of spotlight is smaller than that of downlight.

Downlight light is soft and comfortable. It is generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. It can form floodlight in a certain space and evenly illuminate the whole space.

Spotlight is very suitable for making atmosphere, generally used for key lighting or decorative lighting. It mainly highlights the illuminated objects through small angle strong light, such as TV wall, hanging painting, display cabinet, etc., which can better show the color and texture of the objects, enhance the aesthetic feeling, and enhance the contrast between light and shade in the space.

For the same power lamp, the larger the beam angle, the smaller the center light intensity, and the softer the light spot. On the contrary, the smaller the beam angle, the greater the center light intensity, and the stiffer the spot.



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