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Whats wrong with home lighting?


Nowadays, it costs a lot of money to install hardware and software at home, and people are more concerned about the decoration. But when it comes to lights, many people will say, what's good about lights? It's not good to buy some headlights and some led downlights and install them casually. However, it's a big mistake. Lights can not only bring light to everyone, but also adjust the indoor atmosphere, but if the lights are not used Well, it will not only bring light pollution to us, but also affect our health.

Therefore, when decorating at home, lighting design should not be ignored. Lighting design is very important. Such an important lighting is not simple lighting or good-looking. Today, Xiaobian will show you what are the mistakes of home lighting?

1. It is often said that warm color temperature should be used to make the house warm, so many people use warm color light too much. In fact, this is not suitable. Warm color light can really create a warm lighting environment, but low color temperature is not conducive to work and reading. Different color temperature should be set according to different functions. The combination of warm light and cold light is reasonable.

2. There are people in the living room is very dark, the living room should be a relatively bright place, otherwise the whole family will appear dark, the bright light in the living room is essential.

3. In order to pursue brightness, some people have installed a lot of LED downlights or the wattage of the lights is very high. In fact, this is not right. It will not only waste resources, but also be bad for the eyes, which is easy to cause emotional upset.

4. Others, when choosing lamps, saw that all the colorful and bizarre lamps were installed at home. Regardless of the reasonable lighting needs of the home, the colors of the lamps were too disorderly, which not only damaged the vision, but also interfered with the brain.

5. Others, when installing lights, the contrast between light and shade is too strong, which will affect the visual experience for a long time, causing visual fatigue. Uniform lighting is an important part of the comfortable environment.

The above are some common mistakes in home lighting. I hope to help you make reasonable arrangements for home lighting, create a healthy and comfortable living environment, and let the lights illuminate our lives.



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