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How to do the lighting design of childrens room?


Children's room is the place where children study, play and rest. It is also the place where children stay the longest. A children's room with superior environment has a great influence on children's growth, so when parents decorate children's room, they should not only consider the decoration style of children's room, but also pay attention to the lighting design of children's room. The interior lighting design of children's room will affect the comfort of children's room, so how to do the lighting design of children's room?

1. The lighting in children's room should avoid the direct light. Try to use soft light. Soft light will make the room more warm and comfortable, so that children can relax.

2. The lighting design of children's room should focus on the protection of children's eyesight. It is very necessary to choose an environmental protection led downlight for eye protection. Children are in the growth and development period and their eyes are sensitive. Therefore, parents should choose a good quality eye protection light for children.

3. Learning is the most important task for children at this stage. A lamp without direct glare, stroboscopic light and high color rendering index is essential to relieve the burden of children's eyes.

4. It is recommended to use natural light in children's room. Natural light will make children's eyes more comfortable. On the contrary, family light will always make children feel tired, which will lead to children's mental malaise, thus affecting their health.

5. Children's room also needs to consider the selection of lamps and lanterns. It is suggested to choose lamps and lanterns that can adjust the brightness, which is convenient and can save resources.

6. Attention must be paid to the safety of power socket in children's room. General power socket is not covered, not safe enough, to choose with a safety cover, or unplug the plug power hole can automatically close the socket.

The lighting design of children's room is a university question. It should not only conform to the overall decoration style, but also be safe and environmentally friendly, and have a beautiful appearance. In a word, there are many factors to be considered. Parents must think about their children, fully consider their children's individual needs and growth needs, and create a comfortable light environment for their children.




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