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How to choose the living room lighting for interior lighting design?


The living room is a very important place in the family and a place where the family treats its guests. You should know that the living room is usually the first sight for visitors. The decoration style of the living room directly determines the general style of the home, which can directly reflect the taste of the host's home. In the household lighting, the living room lighting is actually very important, so everyone is very concerned about how to choose the living room lighting. In particular, you need to choose a suitable amount of light belt for your own hall. How to choose the living room light belt today?

1、 You can choose light living room light belt. Living room geomancy generally focuses on the use of light color, which is a reasonable use between color and warmth. Furniture for the sun, the living room lighting color is also based on soft light. Among the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple, the red, orange and yellow light sources are warm light sources. Green, green, blue and purple are cold light sources, giving people a mysterious and dreamlike feeling. Generally, use warm light and appropriate white light source, which is suitable for furniture life.

2、 Can choose the yellow light belt. Yellow lights are the main lucky ones. Yellow is one of the five elements. From the perspective of five elements, the original gold, yellow light and lucky meaning are good choices for installing yellow lights in the living room. It means lucky treasure.

3、 You can choose the pink light belt. Pink light has the meaning of peach blossom. The light of pink crystal chandelier can enhance energy and play a dual role. Look at the cleanliness of the LED strip surface. If the LED light strip produced by SMT process is used, the surface is very clean and no impurities or stains can be seen. However, if the cabin version of the LED light strip is produced by the manual welding process, the surface will remain dyed and clean regardless of cleaning the surface, and the flux and tin residue will remain on the surface of the FPC.

4、 When choosing the living room light belt, try not to choose too much white light, choose according to your own feelings. A small amount of soft yellow light will make you feel comfortable, and the color temperature will not be very different. In the selection of lamps, do not map, the quality of lamps in addition to the performance of large discounts, there are security risks.

5、 Ceiling light is usually used for living room lighting. It is a good choice to install single head or multi head or compound lights, to create a warm and spacious living room environment, so that people have a strong sense of belonging.

6、 If the living room is small and irregular in shape, you can use the living room ceiling lamp. The ceiling light makes the whole space look compact and orderly. If the living room is large, you can choose the lamp with owner identity and cultural background.

The lighting in the living room is very important. The lamp has good color and the color effect of the living room light. So when choosing the hall lamp belt, it is suggested to choose the right one. The decoration of the living room is the highlight of decoration, and the color of the living room lamp also directly affects the effect of the whole room. When choosing the living room lamp belt, it must be based on the interior decoration style and lamp style.



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