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What places are ceiling lamps suitable for?


Ceiling lamp is a kind of common lighting lamp, with flat top and many shapes, such as square cover, round ball, pointed flat circle, half round ball, etc. generally, the installation will fit the bottom of these lamps on the roof, so there is the name of ceiling lamp. Where is the ceiling lamp applicable? How to choose the ceiling lamp for families who want to create interior lighting design?

What places are ceiling lamps suitable for?

1. Look at the type of light source

Ceiling lamp is suitable for a lot of places. The specific place to be suitable depends on the type of light source of ceiling lamp. There are ordinary white light bulbs, LED lights, high-intensity gas discharge lights, fluorescent lights, tungsten halogen lights and so on. The most popular one is led light ceiling lights, which are suitable for installation in many places, such as home, entertainment places, offices and other places are more common lights.

Led ceiling lamp is suitable for all kinds of places. It can be used in living room, classroom and office building. In some hypermarkets, gymnasiums, factories and other places, it is also very suitable for lighting, which is generally suitable for places with a floor height of 4-9 meters. LED lamp is a kind of energy-saving ceiling lamp. It can also provide enough light source for 4m high places. So it is also a very suitable choice of lighting lamps in shops, schools, families and offices.

2. Look at the diameter

Of course, if you want to say which area is suitable for the ceiling lamp, it depends on the diameter of the ceiling lamp. For example, led ceiling lamp, if the diameter is about 200 mm, is generally suitable for installation in the aisle or bathroom. The 400mm diameter ceiling lamp is suitable for installation on the top of the room with an area of more than 16 ㎡.


How to choose the ceiling lamp?

1. Function selection

For modern people, the traditional lighting function of ceiling lamp can not meet the needs. You can choose some ceiling lamps that can be combined with daily necessities, such as fan lamps.

2. Shape selection

From the aesthetic point of view, there are two choices. One is luxury and high-end modeling, which can reflect the richness of life. Second, the branches and other natural shapes, even the lampshade also uses some wood, paper, yarn and other materials.

3. Technology selection

We can choose some high-tech ceiling lamps which can adapt to different voltage, adjust brightness and radiate far infrared red light.

4. Choice of energy conservation and environmental protection

Choose a long-life energy-saving lamp like LED core power, you can choose brightness according to your needs, which is more energy-saving, and also in line with the environmental protection concept of future home lighting.



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