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How should LED intelligent lamps be maintained?


As one of the energy-saving and environmental protection lighting products, LED lamp is more and more favored by consumers. But generally speaking, many people don't care about its maintenance. Even if it breaks down, they will think it's a quality problem. So how should LED lamps be maintained?

First of all, if the quality of the selected LED lamp is not good, it is easy to have problems. Therefore, when purchasing, it is better to choose the products of brand manufacturers with quality assurance.

Then, in the process of use, it is not used according to the correct use method in the manual, so it is easy to cause led lamp failure, and there will be potential safety hazards. In addition, when used, the working current exceeds the rated current of the LED lamp, resulting in the burnout of the components in the LED driving power supply.

After we buy back the LED lamps, we must not be busy with the installation. We should read the installation instructions carefully first, and follow the instructions step by step. If it is not installed correctly, it is likely to be dangerous.

When using LED lamps, try not to switch frequently. Although LED lamps are more durable, frequent switching of LED lamps will affect the life of internal components of LED lamps, thus affecting the life of LED lamps.

Special attention should also be paid to the environment in which led lamps are used. Generally speaking, LED lamps are not suitable for working in humid environment (except for LED lamps with moisture-proof performance). The internal electronic components are easy to be damped, causing damage or leakage short circuit of LED lamps.

When cleaning the LED lamp, remember not to change its structure or change its parts at will. After cleaning, it should be installed as it is. Do not miss or misplace its parts. When cleaning, do not wash with water, wipe with dry cloth, do not wipe with wet cloth immediately after turning on the light, which is prone to danger.

All in all, although LED lamps have many advantages and are very durable, if they can not be used and maintained correctly, there will be many problems. Therefore, we must use LED lamps correctly to play a greater role.




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