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Advantages and application of intelligent lamp spotlight


"Lighting is the eye of home furnishing". In home furnishing, lighting is indispensable to set off the atmosphere. And "Spotlight" is the most common lamp. In interior lighting design, generally speaking, spotlight is installed around the ceiling or on the upper part of furniture and placed in the wall, skirting or wainscot. It is mainly used to highlight the sense of hierarchy and create the atmosphere, which can dominate the overall lighting, and also can To promote local lighting, soft lighting, set off a dignified atmosphere.

Light source of Spotlight: the spotlight uses quartz bulb or lamp bead as the light source, and the light source direction of spotlight can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Application of Spotlight: spotlight is generally used to highlight a specific object, play an important role, and make the object more textured. It is generally used in commercial stores or exhibition areas.

Effect of Spotlight: spotlight is a typical non main light, in short, it is a modern school of lighting with no fixed scale. If a row of small spotlights are combined, it can make the light change different wonderful patterns, and its small spotlights can change their angles freely and play different light effects.

1、 Advantages of Spotlight:

1. Good safety: solid state light source, no inflation, no glass shell.

2. Long life: 50000-80000 hours.

3. Small power and high light efficiency: generally under 3W power, high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

2、 What are the uses of spotlights?

The purpose of spotlight is like a flashlight, which is usually used outdoors. Indoor use also has, because the variety is different, so the use is also different. Spotlight has obvious advantages in commercial lighting. Spotlight is very strong and unique in space, color, virtual and real feelings. Compared with other lamps and lanterns, it has a comparative advantage. No matter it's heavy color or light description, it's elegant and elegant, with beautiful space interest and artistic conception, and it can change constantly, and it's always interesting, pleasant and beautiful. Spotlight can be used as both main lighting and auxiliary light source.



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