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Key points of interior lighting design


At night, the first thing to go home is to turn on the light. As far as home art is concerned, any beautiful and elegant room and design, without light, is dark. With light, normal life needs, the art and beauty of interior decoration can be displayed. Therefore, interior lighting design is also an art.


Consider the brightness of each space:

Living room (living room): the space where people often move, so we should highlight;

Bedroom: rest place, the brightness requirement is not too high;

Restaurant: to be considered comprehensively, generally as long as the medium brightness is enough, but the brightness on the desktop should be increased appropriately, or even the dishes can not be seen clearly;

Kitchen: should have enough brightness, and should set local illumination;

Toilet: General requirements, if there are special requirements, such as make-up, local lighting is required;

Study: mainly functional. In order to reduce the eyestrain caused by reading or working for a long time, we should consider the illumination caused by the close color temperature and sunlight.

Don't glare: the most important thing about home lighting is that the light should never glare.

All light sources shall not be bare bulbs. If they are ceiling or downlight, they must be equipped with a soft light cover. If it is the directional light of spotlight, it must be adjusted through angle, at least not in the area where we often move.

The interior space has primary and secondary, in order to highlight the dominant position of the main space, the primary and secondary should be clear in terms of the organization mode of lighting and the light distribution effect of lamps and lanterns. The main space can be enriched as appropriate, and the secondary space should be moderately reduced in light processing to form the primary and secondary differences in light environment. However, we should follow the principle of unity with the main space, which can not be far away.

Meet the requirements of space public and private illuminance:

Space lighting should conform to the characteristics of the objects used in the space. The illumination of different areas is treated differently according to the function by using the lifting and restraining treatment of light, forming a light environment that meets the use requirements and has a sense of rhythm. Improve the illuminance to meet the demand of the space with strong flow and concentration of people. And reduce illuminance appropriately can give people a pleasant and comfortable feeling, in order to meet people's requirements for privacy.

Use lighting effect to improve the sense of scale of space:

In the light design of small area space, uniform light distribution shall be adopted to provide high brightness, long, wide and high three-dimensional illumination distribution in a relatively average way, with the effect of expanding space scale. For the low ceiling, high illuminance can be used to enhance the vertical extension of the space. For the treatment of the long corridor, the wall can be lighted in sections, which can dissolve the deep feeling of the corridor.

The lighting shall be designed according to the decoration materials used and the texture of the material surface:

Considering the angle and effect of the light reflected on the furniture or decoration, combining with the material of the decoration material can make the indoor light more artistic.



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