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Raynice ELF Series LED Ceiling Spotlight

Raynice ELF Series LED Ceiling Spotlight

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  • Release time:2022-07-21 09:21:45
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Raynice Modern Italian Commercial Lighting - ELF Series

Delicate and meticulous like a sculptor, otherworldly like a painter, delicate and slightly gentle, simple but not simple, only for precise lighting!

Model: SL74116


-Small and precise: the lamp body is small, the angle is small (4°/8°), and the spot is small (the spot diameter of 1M is 0.1-0.25M), which can better reflect accurate lighting)

-High anti-glare: the light source is deeply embedded, the light is hidden, UGR<13, the line of sight is 30° above the head-up, no dazzling light)

Application place:

It is used in key lighting places such as wine cabinets, aisles, audio-visual rooms, museums, etc., to achieve precise lighting and create a delicate light environment.

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