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How to choose spotlight?


As the key light source in home lighting, the spotlight with "shading angle" of about 45 ° should be used as much as possible. The first rule of home lighting design: reduce glare and increase brightness. If it is lower than 45 °, it will make people feel dazzling, too direct and small area. If it is higher than 45 °, it may cause a certain amount of light waste, but from the perspective of creating atmosphere, you can make different choices according to your own needs.

If it is a surface mounted spotlight, you can choose the track spotlight, and the number and position of the spotlight head on the track can be changed at will. The installation method is the same as that of ceiling lamp, and wires need to be embedded in the ceiling. For a large area of space, the track can also be put in a shape, which is very fashionable.

For bedrooms, restaurants and other areas, you can also use the track extension suspender to lift the spotlight track down to the required height, especially for the loft space, to perfectly solve the floor height problem, with stronger lighting capacity, and a more aesthetic sense of modern art, such installation needs to have a pre-set circuit.

In fact, it is a good choice to place the spotlight indoors in the way of accessories. The location and direction will be more flexible and flexible. Some of them can also be adjusted on their own. They have a DIY feeling to improve the uniqueness and customization of the home space.

If it is a concealed spotlight, it can be directly embedded in the gypsum board of the ceiling. The space is more integrated. The height of the luminaire should be controlled within 7cm, otherwise it will affect the feeling of the floor height. In addition, you can choose LED lights or advanced cob lights. You can choose 7-12w for normal power, and the large space can be appropriately larger. The focus is on the selection of trustworthy brand products.



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