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How to choose home lighting lamps for new house decoration?


Many people have experienced the embarrassment of changing the ceiling light bulb: stepping on the table, stepping on the chair, holding your head up 90 degrees, raising your arms to the ceiling 2.5m or higher. Therefore, when choosing home intelligent lamps, we must consider the convenience of bulb replacement. The energy-saving bulb saves electricity, has good illumination and does not emit too much heat. It is suitable for multi head lamps. Most of the energy-saving bulbs are standard screw, while the chandelier has two kinds of caliber, one is standard, energy-saving bulbs can be used; the other is non-standard, energy-saving bulbs can not be used. Attention should be paid to the selection: most spotlights are non energy saving products.

We must choose lamps from regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with the total load. According to the total load, you can determine how many wattage bulbs to use, especially for multi head chandeliers, that is: number of heads × wattage of each bulb = total load. In addition, the toilet and kitchen with high humidity shall be equipped with waterproof lamps.

For rooms with different functions, lighting of different styles and illuminances shall be installed. The living room shall be equipped with bright and rich lamps; the bedroom shall be equipped with warm and unobtrusive lamps; the children's room shall be equipped with colorful and varied lamps; the toilet shall be equipped with simple and waterproof lamps; the kitchen shall be equipped with lamps that are easy to wipe and clean; some places requiring special performance can also be equipped with spotlights.

Lighting and the overall style of the room should be coordinated, and the same room of a variety of lamps, should maintain color coordination or style coordination. For example, the rectangular balcony with wooden walls, wooden cabinets and wooden roofs is suitable for the installation of rectangular wooden lamps; the rectangular hall with iron watches and iron tube glass dining tables and chairs is suitable for the installation of rectangular hanging lamps made of iron tubes; the bedroom with golden cabinet door handle and golden spotlight is suitable for the lamps with golden decoration.

Today's lamps and lanterns can not only play the role of lighting, but also have very good decorative effect. Choosing a suitable lamp can not only make our home brighter, but also make our home decorated very beautiful.



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