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The advantages of interior lighting design track spotlight


Track spotlight is usually used in commercial lighting, such as shopping malls, specialty stores, brand stores, Exhibition cabinets, office reception, etc. because its installation method is generally fixed on a bracket similar to the rail type, so as to facilitate left and right (front and back) movement and change the lighting direction at will, the name comes.

The most basic function of the rail spotlight is to illuminate. It has one more rail than the general lamp. The direction is flexible and changeable, so it is more convenient. It is widely used in large gatherings and mass sales. The other functions of the track lamp are flexible and changeable. The key is to see your use.

Advantages of rail Spotlight:

1. Under the condition of long-term use, the rail spotlight will still not produce high heat, so for the irradiated objects, the damage to them is very small.

2. The rail spotlight is made of high-pressure aluminum, so it has good heat dissipation effect and waterproof performance.

3. Rail spotlight has a long service life. It is driven by constant current when it works, so its service life can be up to 50000 hours.

4. The color projection effect of the track spotlight is good. It can do seven color projection and show tens of thousands of color changes, so as to achieve the effect of scanning, flowing water, chasing and so on.

5. The lens of the rail spotlight is designed to be interchangeable, so it can be used with a variety of lenses.



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